Hi there!

This website is my personal site dedicated to film- and art-making. If you'd like to find out more about my professional services in graphic design and corporate video, please visit

I am a cross-discipline creative professional, working across filmmaking, video art, installations, graphic design, interactive multimedia, web design, and photography. I hold a Bachelor of Desing degree in Graphic Design and Integrated Media from Ontario College of Art & Design. I live and work in Montréal while keeping close ties with Toronto.

I am always interested in new and exciting projects. If you are interested in new and exciting projects too, give her a shot at

what I can do for you

• Produce a film, corporate video or music video
• Design and build a website
• Make sure your website is user-friendly and pleasant to use
• Working with you, create or refine your brand, define your visual voice and creative direction
• Create tailored marketing and promotional materials to suit your business needs


All the work on this site is my copyrighted material, created between 2001 and 2010. Please don't use it without my explicit premission.